This project involved the re-planning of the existing house and the building of a new kitchen which connects the house with a small casita and terrace. The site is very constricted and so the scheme had to be phased so that the house could remain in use for as long as possible.

ServicesDesign, project management

The transformation of a badly reformed two hundred year old cottage, and the building of a new kitchen extension with  southerly aspect and country views, providing a link with an existing casita. This solution was proposed after extensive research, and proposals were discussed for various ways of giving a total spacial reorganisation of the house. The building cost was also an important criteria for the the solution that we proposed which came within the budget.

The new steel frame kitchen link was built first, before extensive structural repairs to the existing building were undertaken.


The new kitchen (top left) fits in to the small scale and fragmentary character of the existing old buildings, maintaining the house’s character through the use of local materials and echoing the forms of the earlier buildings.

The new extension provides a bright kitchen space opening onto a new southwest facing terrace whilst connecting the two previously separate parts of the house

The interiors have been opened up, removing pillars and sections of wall to allow light into the depth of the original building.