Creative, sustainable and liveable architecture: Award-winning designs inspired by Mediterranean places.

Harris Architects specialises in designing contemporary houses and converting historic buildings. Registered and qualified in Spain and the UK, the studio has been practicing for 40 years and has been awarded the Mallorca Architecture Prize by the Balearic Chapter of Architects COAIB.


We are fascinated by open, flexible spaces with natural light and minimal impact on the environment; Imaginative spaces fitted to modern life which connect deeply with place and context.

Our mission is to help people create uplifting, practical, characterful spaces attuned to their context and their inhabitants, through designing imaginative and site-specific buildings which answer peoples’ needs and improve the spirit of place.

By “architectural design” we mean the potential to transform and improve our surroundings through intelligent, creative and sensitive design; discovering the underlying potential of a site or building as the basis for new design, transforming it with the minimum of means. As such, we believe that good architecture can occur whatever the scale or budget.

We aim to be a reference in the architectural context of Mallorca and a catalyst between lively people, exciting buildings and fascinating places.

We believe in an exciting and desirable future and we want to contribute to its construction through tackling projects in an optimistic and creative way.

We would like to think of ourselves as reliable, efficient and responsible. We strive to communicate in an open and honest way, bridging languages and expectations across cultures from a position of professional experience.



Our projects are not defined by a single style – we view each project as an individual solution finely attuned to the unique conditions of place, site and most importantly, the people who will live there.

Our work centres around 5 main ideas:

1 – space and light characterise all of our schemes together with an intelligent relationship between interior and exterior.

2 – we treat the existing with creative respect. Whether actual buildings, the site, surroundings or context, we believe the existing can provide insights for new design which are deeply rooted in the place, and can spark new solutions to answer new situations.

3 – our spaces are framed around modern ways of life, in both new and reformation projects we aim to transform the layouts of the past into new spatial configurations fitting the new paths of 21st century life. Our ideas are based on considerable research into the evolution of domestic space in Mediterranean houses across the last 3000 years.

4 – sustainability is integral to our design, we aim to reduce environmental impact whilst enhancing comfort through carefully designing the fundamental elements of the home. Renewable energies are a final compliment to a far deeper design strategy.

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5 – broad use and flexibility in a wider sense.  We design spaces which can be rearranged simply, allowing the inhabitants the freedom to organise and reorganise their homes as they choose, but also enabling them to be restructured to provide a total change of layout and use with the minimum of means.


In Mallorca we assist clients in researching and designing evocative contemporary homes, firmly rooted in the local context. We are determined to improve the built environment, through designing exciting, practical buildings which integrate sustainability and place.


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Based in Mallorca since 2000, Harris Architects & Designers was originally founded in the UK by Tony & Kate Harris. The fundamental role of space, light and context forms a connecting thread throughout the 40 years of the practice’s history in Spain and the UK.


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We have recently appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Homes by the Med’ and the studio’s work has been exhibited in the Palma Night of Art, and received international interest through national and foreign press coverage.


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