An English architecture studio in Mallorca

An architecture studio of RIBA and Spanish registered English architects in Mallorca.

  • SPECIALISM | Residential projects, both new houses and reformations of historic buildings
  • EXPERIENCE | RIBA Registered English architects based in Mallorca since 2000, with over 30 years experience in public and private projects in the UK
  • AWARDS | Mallorca Architecture Prize 2007-10, Best individual house


We design creative, sustainable and livable homes for a distinctly local context.

Who we are – English architects in Mallorca

english architects S H

sebastian harris

Architect PhD. MA Cantab. COAIB


Sebastian holds a doctorate in Architectural Design from Barcelona School of Architecture, UPC. He is an English architect with professional qualifications from ETSAB, Barcelona and the University of Cambridge and has practiced in Barcelona and Mallorca for the last 8 years. He also teaches architectural design and representation in Barcelona (ETSALS).

Training and Qualifications

  • Barcelona School of Architecture, UPC: PhD in Architectural Design; Professional Architectural qualification
  • Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona: MA Architecture & Urbanism (top distinction 2010)
  • University of Cambridge: MA, BA Hons (Architecture)
  • The Balearic Chapter of Architects, COAIB: Registered Architect

english architects A H

Anthony Harris

Architect Dip Arch. RIBA COAIB. MA Courtauld.


Anthony has been Adviser to English Heritage and the Arts Council of Great Britain, and has specialised in architectural history at the Courtauld Institute, London. He has recently been awarded the latest Mallorca Architecture Prize by the Balearic Chapter of Architects (COAIB).

 Training and Qualifications

  • Dip Arch RIBA, English architect
  • MA in architectural History from the Courtauld Institute, London
  • Registered in Spain and the UK, with the Royal Institute of British Architects and The Balearic Chapter of Architects
  • Past advisor to British Heritage and the Arts Council of Great Britain

The general principles underlying all of our work are:


We consider environmental factors extremely seriously as they are key to creating efficient and comfortable spaces. We do this by concentrating first on fundamental factors such as orientation, shading, sunlight, and insulation before incorporating modern technologies. At the same time we take particularly interest in the relationship between inside and outside spaces, optimizing views while protecting the interior against the extremes of climate.      Read more…


We also use the natural and local materials, as these weather well, are sustainable and connect buildings to the local context. When used carefully and imaginably, these can also produce entirely modern effects.                  Read more…

architecture for new Ways of living

New ways of living require new kinds of houses. Daylight, climate control, installations and spatial configuration, all require a modern approach – but this also creates greater opportunities to reinterpret the building types of the past in which traditional buildings can be reorganised to allow a totally new experience.                    Read more…

Sense of place

This concept embodies both the physical environment and the social and cultural context. We believe architecture should bring out the positive qualities of place to tie them into new projects, creating new connections to where they stand and the context in which they will be used.     Read more…

Our story

When we moved our practice to Majorca, our intention was to understand an extraordinary context, and at the same time to bring a different vision to how designing and building could build upon the exceptional heritage of Majorca’s architecture, both ancient and modern.

To do so, we started by designing a house for a new kind of life and a different type of resident.

It then won the Majorca Architecture Prize.

view slideshow to see how our practice has developed



Having practiced in the UK for over 25 years, we relocated the practice to the Balearics in 2001.

As a family ran practice, Anthony started on public and private projects in 1980. Since then he has been joined by the next generation, and with the added experience of state of the art skills in technology and design ideas.


Setting up a new practice from scratch through direct immersion in the local economy and community. Apart from local materials and climate, local languages, ways of building, negotiating and unavoidably, navigating bureaucracy.

See the course of a completed project from planning to completion, prize-winning and international recognition.


Our practice has evolved through training at the best architecture schools in Spain and the UK, and commitment to a limited quantity of high quality projects. This strategy has received external recognition from both the Mallorca establishment through Awards such as the Mallorca Architecture Prize, given by the Balearic Chapter of Architects at the peak of the construction boom, as well as international interest through national and foreign press coverage – most recently in the UK with an interview by Charlie Luxton featured on Channel 4's television series “Homes by the Med”.


We have developed the practice focusing increasingly on sustainable residential projects in Mallorca, including significant new houses and reformations of historic and catalogued (listed) buildings.
Our mission is to focus attention on the real qualities of place and home - context, site, space and - most importantly of all – the people who will live there.
Rather than the size of projects and budgets, we are most interested in the potential transformation that our projects can achieve in terms of quality of life, sustainability, contextual integration and reasonable economic investment.