Reformation of an early 1970’s house in Son Vida Urbanization

LocationSon Vida, Palma de Mallorca
ServicesDesign, project management


The aim of the project was to remodel internal and external spaces of an existing house in the Son Vida Urbanization near Palma, maintaining the traditional character of the building.

The kitchen was enlarged by incorporating a number of smaller rooms and spaces, to form a large new efficient kitchen, dining and family room which takes full advantage of its southerly aspect.

The thermal installations have been rethought, relocating and renewing the boiler system to provide an efficient and significantly more economic answer.




 The garden pavilions surrounding the pool have been rebuilt and altered to suite the current up-to-date recreational needs.

 This project required the sensitive modernisation and repair of an early 1970’s six bedroom house, to be in keeping with the traditional appearance of the family home.

Re-imagining of critical spaces inside and outside the house, including a major new kitchen, internal alterations including a new heating system, and reformed buildings around the swimming pool.