Built schemes, projects underway, and other ideas for houses in Mallorca

Our recent projects focus on bespoke houses in Mallorca, we are currently working on a number of new build projects and major reformations in the Balearic Islands. Recent projects include new country houses, the re-organisation and transformation of historic buildings, complete structural transformations of existing buildings as well as minimal interventions, and interior design schemes.

Harris Architects & Designers help private clients on larger scale projects to achieve their aims, and those on careful budgets to optimise their resources by putting people’s needs at the center and engaging with the local construction economy.

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How we work

Our specific approach to design projects starts from the following four foundations:

Context, site, space and most importantly, the people who will inhabit each project.

Context is

The key to all successful projects lies in the nature of the site. We focus on uncovering what this essence of place really is beneath the immediate impression, and concentrate on how our interventions can transform this for the better. In the end, the connection architecture can create between people and the place where they live is what makes a house into a home.

Harris Architects and Designers Puig Major
Mallorcan Landscapes, Sierra de Tramuntana, UNESCO World Heritage
Harris Architects and Designers Can Lis Utzon
Jorn Utzon’s clifftop house on Mallorca, and the sea cave below on which it is based

Working with

The most original designs can develop out of the practical conditions surrounding any project. With an open-minded approach, we intend to turn restrictions in one area to advantage in another – whether this may be materials, expertise, budget, regulation or the conditions of a site.


Buildings are determined more by the spaces they comprise than by the decorations they display. The quality of space is the utmost priority in all projects, combining light, climate, function and ambiance, as well as connections to the exterior, we believe that space is what determines the success of a project.

Harris Architects and Designers La Ricarda
Interconnecting spaces in La Ricarda, by Bonet Castellana, designer of the Butterfly Chair
Harris Architects and Designers Villa Malaparte
Mediterranean houses designed with their owners. Villa Malaparte, Capri

Houses which resemble their owners:
Design discussions.

To begin with, a house reflects the person who lives there; in the end the person takes on something of the house. Consequently, every project develops around specific clients with individual needs, interests, aspirations and resources. At Harris Architects and Designers, we believe design is a matter of dialogue, we expect our clients to take part.

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Contact Harris Architects and Designers to discuss your ideas for a project of for planning advice.


A selection of recent research events and publications

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lectures oikonet 2016

Sebastian Harris opens the 2016 OIKONET lecture series.

Publications walking the city

A reference book for the architecture and urbanism of Barcelona seen on foot with a sketchbook.

ed: E.Roca, I.Aquilué, R.Gomez

Published in Collaboration with Harvard and Universitat Barcelona


publications LE CORBUSIER 50 YEARS later

Article: The influence of Mediterranean architecture on Le Corbusier

Published by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia

Presentations PhD reading, Barcelona School of Architecture, UPC

Sebastian Harris’ public presentation and defense of his thesis: Place Sketch and Architecture. An in-situ approach to contemporary design.

Publications La Cultura y la Ciudad

Article: City Overlays: On the Santa Caterina Market by Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue

Published by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Granada

publications Mediterranean architecture research group, IAM (ETSALS, URL)

Article: Jorn Utzon’s clifftop house in Mallorca

Published by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de La Salle, URL, Barcelona

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