architecture, interior design and landscape

We offer a complete architectural design service including interior design and landscape design. This incorporates all aspects covered by a registered architect: principally the analysis of all aspects connected with the understanding and vision of a new building or substantial reformation or addition to an existing building, and the question of ‘style’ – contemporary or traditional.





The analysis of architectural problems lie in the clear interpretation of the needs and expectations of the Promotor, and have to expressed in the form of a Brief.  Once this is done, a series of sketch designs can be made which will provide the basis for in depth discussion between the architect and his client; this process is key to achieving a successful project, and cannot be hurried or shortcuts taken in the form of pre-conceived ideas. We make every effort to assess our clients needs, the planning restrictions and most importantly the site and environmental conditions, before we undertake the design process.

The Design process uses sketching and formal drawing techniques as well as modelling so that three dimensional form and spacial understanding can be understood. Only when this process is completed, can detailed design drawings be prepared and a model built which many clients find important and helpful. At this point and after refinement, the application for the Proyecto Básico can be prepared for submission for the planning License of Works.

architectural design in Mallorca


Interior design expands on the design of the building to include not only the materials for the building’s structure and surfaces, but also the design of important aspects of the functioning of the spaces – the staircase for instance, or the window and shutter design besides the kitchen and bathroom design and selection. This part of the process can include the design of specific items of furniture – dining furniture, work tables and other freestanding furniture for specific uses and locations.




Materials and their use are an integral part of the design process. Local materials can be not only economic, but they also fit into the landscape and local context in a direct way. In this case, the Galician pine boards have been laid indifferent directions to angle and direct the view; clay tiles made locally are also a practical and attractive floor surface.

In this project, eucalyptus faced plywood panels are used to cover the hidden parts of the sliding windows so that they are easily accessible.  Chestnut grown in Catalunya is also an economic, practical and extremely attractive hardwood for floors and furniture.

Interior design in Mallorca
Landscape design in Mallorca


Landscape work includes the design of terraces, patios, swimming pools and associated paved areas and steps, besides the selection of trees and plants to suit specific locations; associated with this is the design of plant boxes and watering systems, as well as the type and selection of pavings, stone and gravels.  







A particularly important aspect of architectural design concerns the impact of the orientation and lighting conditions in buildings, as the Mediterranean weather conditions obviously are very different to northern latitudes, and require a quite different approach to harness the climatic potential for heat gain and loss, as well as installations for solar power for space and water heating. Some building materials are specific to Mallorca, and others to the Peninsular – timber and stone for instance come from both locations.



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