New Ways of Living

New ways of living require new kinds of houses: How can our new and existing homes adapt to contemporary lifestyles? How can they also maintain their connection with the essence of home and the place it stands in? CLIMATE | Natural Materials | New ways of living | Sense of place The way we organise..

New architecture with a sense of place

In a globalised world, sense of place is what makes architecture unique by tying buildings and the way they are used to a specific place and culture. Sense of place refers to both the physical environment and the cultural context. How can thoughtful architecture connect with the real character of place, and how can a..

Designing with natural, local materials

As the environmental impact of construction becomes ever greater affecting the planet at both local and global scales, using local materials can provide a simple but significant improvement to the impact that building creates. How can local materials provide more sustainable homes? How can local materials be used to create contemporary designs in modern buildings?..
Architecture for a Mallorcan climate

Architecture for a Mallorcan climate

We consider environmental factors extremely seriously as they are key to creating efficient and comfortable spaces. We do this by concentrating first on fundamental factors such as orientation, shading, sunlight, and insulation before incorporating modern technologies. At the same time we take particularly interest in the relationship between inside and outside spaces, optimizing views while..

New approaches to the traditional dilemma by contemporary Mallorca architects.

In today’s context, finding ways to evolve and re-imagine the essence of Mallorca’s exceptional architectural heritage is of primary importance. Here are some connections to the work of contemporary Mallorca architects. Materials We believe strongly in the use of natural and local materials from Mallorca, as these weather well, are sustainable and connect buildings to..
News UK Spain 2030

News UK Spain 2030

Brexit discussion with the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley. Part of the Barcelona edition of the UKSpain 2030 debates organised by the British Embassy between a group of 25 young people selected as “future leaders” across a variety of sectors from politics to architecture. November 2016, Barcelona