Careful coordination by the architect can ensure that the budget is spent where it will have maximum effect. Unique design can also increase the desirability and therefore the economic return on one’s investment.

The architect as coordinator of the entire process ensures the efficiency and control of the whole process, and most significantly, that the design ideas are carried through directly to the final construction.

Economic benefits comes from directing the budget to where it will be of greatest effect. Although it is important to produce a house for the minimum price (what you pay), the value (what you get) out of your investment depends on how well the budget is focused. These decisions can only be made effectively with a complete over-sight of the entire project – from the top down – to incorporate all aspects of the concept, design, and construction. For example, one current project in Pollensa demonstrates how repositioning a pool on top of the roof despite the extra cost, can in fact save on alternative expense and complication of building a pool in other parts of the site below the water table, while at the same time creating a spectacular new dimension to the homewith the views out from the site, turning an unremarkable site into one of significant advantage.

The roof top pool in Pollensa overlooking the bay of Pollensa and the Sea plane to the East.


For owners who intend to live in the house, the pleasure in use of the building, is the greatest benefit of good design – a home which is conceived around the requirements of its inhabitants and the particular ways in which they choose to live in a specific place. This marks the difference between an individual home, and a house which which has been standardised for a generic user. Therefore a house which makes the most of the specific opportunities of a particular site, rather than stamps out a pre-conceived generic answer, will be of considerably greater use and economic value.

The Royal Institute of British Architects have found that good design increase the overall economic value of property. See this paper published by the RIBA to explain the Value of Good Design – How good design makes economic sense.


In conclusion, the right architect can add value to the design of a house by providing consistent direction to the entire process from design to completion, through focusing the budget where it will have greatest effect, and through providing an architectural answer carefully adapted to bring out the unique advantages of a site and adapt them to the ways its owners choose to live, making a more enjoyable and desirable home, which will have advantages far beyond its economic benefits.