New approaches to the traditional dilemma by contemporary Mallorca architects.

In today’s context, finding ways to evolve and re-imagine the essence of Mallorca’s exceptional architectural heritage is of primary importance. Here are some connections to the work of contemporary Mallorca architects.


We believe strongly in the use of natural and local materials from Mallorca, as these weather well, are sustainable and connect buildings to the local context. Each of our projects emerges out of a specific combination of client, site, brief and budget, whilst our aim is to achieve practical, achievable and lasting modern designs. Our architecture combines both modern and traditional approaches – whether reworking traditional house types and domestic layouts for modern living, or combining local materials and construction techniques.


We take environmental factors extremely seriously as they are key to creating efficient and comfortable spaces, by concentrating first on fundamental factors such as orientation, shading, sunlight, and insulation before incorporating modern technologies. We have successfully completed fully self-sufficient houses in Mallorca. At the same time we have particularly interest in the relationship between inside and outside spaces, creating views and a natural environment whilst protecting against the extremes of climate. This is essential for creating energy efficient and easily maintained homes.


Each of our projects emerges out of a specific combination of client, site, brief and budget, whilst our aim is to achieve practical, achievable and lasting modern designs.


People’s needs and aspirations change at a very different pace to the built environment. The ways of life which shaped the Mallorcan architecture of past centuries has little to do with the activities of society today. This split between the logic underlying traditional architecture and the way people now interact with their homes, provides challenges – daylight, climate control, installations and spatial configuration, to name a few – but also opportunities to reinterpret the building types of the past. Traditional buildings can be re-organised to allow a totally new experience of the architecture, whilst maintaining strong connections with the past. In essence, traditional architecture is, and always has been, a close relationship between form and function and not a nostalgic reproduction of the way buildings used to look.

For example, the house in a fig field reinterprets a traditional rural typology, of living accommodation on the upper floor, with space for animals below, in so doing creating a new and extremely exciting relationship between the home, the landscape strongly tied to the traditional context.


We believe this is best achieved through a combination of careful contextual analysis of place and site, together with developing a detailed conversation with the client. The creative analysis of the precise conditions of a site can provide essential insights into how a project may tie into its setting and make the most of its advantages.


As both architects and designers, this consistent approach is taken at various scales and across all areas of a project – structure, interior, landscape, and furniture are all treated as individual parts of a single coherent design strategy. To ensure the thoroughness of this process and to make sure that all design decisions are fully considered, we develop each project using a variety of media – model making and sketching besides plans and renders. We believe this to be the clearest and most effective means to develop and communicate the design ideas as they evolve. As this is an evolving process, we place particular emphasis on the initial stages of design, in which we combine a series of conversations with the client to answer questions of function, cost and constraints, as the more care taken at this point, the more successful the final outcome.

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